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48 Images from the Emma Harvey’s International Women’s Day Wall at Cultivate Evolved

CULTIVATE... Artists doing it our way

48 Images from the Emma Harvey‘s International Women’s Day Wall at Cultivate Evolved. The month-long project, takes up one of the ten wall spaces at Cultivate for the month of March and will evolve throughout period. The wall was unveiled last night on March First Thursday and can be viewed thought march during regular gallery opening hours.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2014…on one slice of wall at CULTIVATE EVOLVED, Vyner St, E2

Opening Night: FIRST THURSDAY, Thursday 6th March, 6-9pm. Then from: Friday 7th March to 1st April 2014

From (First) Thursday March 6th, through Saturday March 8th (International Women’s Day), and throughout the month of March until April 1st, Emma Harvey (one of the in-house CULTIVATE EVOLVED artists) will be using her wall to celebrate International Women’s Day

“An artist take-over and art occupation of my one slice of wall at CULTIVATE EVOLVED gallery in celebration of International Women’s…

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è bello essere mamma

come ci cambia essere madri,  come è bello essere madri. Ci rende donne, finalmente, vere donne, quelle dee descritte dalla mitologia. Ci trasforma dentro e fuori, spiritualmente e fisicamente, come se ad ogni curva aggiunta ai nostri corpi longilinei corrispondesse un capitolo di sapere in più, un sapere profondo, vero, che nasce dal contatto col divino, proprio quel divino che ci fa diventare generatrici di vita.

Mi sento piena, mi sento appagata, coi piedi piantati, con le spalle robuste e rotonda ed il ventre, sì, il ventre convesso, pronto a ricevere e dare, ancora una volta, la vita…

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Lydia, another portrait

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ART is

An escape from a fake society.

A playground for truth, openness, connection.

An opportunity for experiencing absence of rules.

An unknown, awkward language.

A messy place to find solace or despair.

A licence to fuck authority off  without being prosecutable.

A realm of individuality.

Detachment from mainstream plasticity, but enslavement to pseudo-countercultural niches

… …


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It was About

Feeling like we were reborn, lying on the bright playarea at 4 am in the morning

while she was searching for the womb, we were holding each other hands with our heart plugged into the universal socket

the room was melting around us

we asked if we could make love stay

Yes, I sensed, yes, He said

it’s about connection, it’s about evolving and changing and yet keeping in touch with your inner self

Can you make love stay?

Yes we said

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Agnes, portrait of a black woman 

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Scrappy London

A romantic afternoon view from Angel Road train station – Only if one can appreciate this can live in London

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