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the blog from the new perspective. an attempt to describe probably the same reality through the perceived awareness of constant change.

è bello essere mamma

come ci cambia essere madri,  come è bello essere madri. Ci rende donne, finalmente, vere donne, quelle dee descritte dalla mitologia. Ci trasforma dentro e fuori, spiritualmente e fisicamente, come se ad ogni curva aggiunta ai nostri corpi longilinei corrispondesse un capitolo di sapere in più, un sapere profondo, vero, che nasce dal contatto col divino, proprio quel divino che ci fa diventare generatrici di vita.

Mi sento piena, mi sento appagata, coi piedi piantati, con le spalle robuste e rotonda ed il ventre, sì, il ventre convesso, pronto a ricevere e dare, ancora una volta, la vita…


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Clipperg, probably the best cuppa…

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Sicily, Sweet Home

my body has been mistreated, insulted, almost beaten up these days, by others and by me first
thankfully my spirit is there stable observing the little play of ordinary people finding excuses while sitting comfortably in this life, binning any idea of change and relativity which might scratch their back and shake otherwise this ultrathin temporary balance on which they all believe they standpupi siciliani

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just one desire

I am nobody’s propertynecklace

I am a human being

Got a sudden feeling of restriction

which freaked me out

I have

Just one desire


From the self

From society

From manhood

From tyranny

From power

From slavery, mine and the others’

Just one desire tonight

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Trapped in pretentiousness

Glossy images, chic silky themes,

beautifully crafted magenta slogans.

My mood is uplifted, my ego is boosted

Wanna run out of my flat,

join the group,

own the streets,

march in protest

Then I stop. In flashback.

Advertising is the perfect public sphere for a society geared towards consumption, markets and profit

Sounds like an old academic book

dust off my memory and recall

Marx, Durkheim and many more

Is it my dissent a hollow replication

of spoilt bourgeoisie’s children weeps?

They are trapped while trying to break

the same golden cage

that lock us all to hellfree

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i reckon that waxing lunar light
can move emotions more into sight
it might broke a dam,that could be true
and let that stream infuse all you
i sat by the window,lit an inciense stick
without feeling a choice what smell to pick
thinking that i could have done much better
not to write "foolmoon" to start off my letter
i took it as a playfulness,
an astral dance, so free and fearless
so very close although that distant
with deep afection at an instant
so opposite and so complementary
absolutely no explanations being necesary
it was like trance,i could hear the sound
it went faster and faster,it went round and round
i felt great and a bit dizzy, almost too much power,
i had to bend over and vomit a flower
it would be foolish,yes,to now stop that game
if you close your eyes,can you see the same?

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Happy Foolmoon!‏

look out of the window into the night
the sky is great,the moon's shining bright
i love when her power is at its peak
it's the subconscious' turn so to speak
my boss took me out and told me her fears
we sat there and ate and her words pierced my ears
then i walked back home through an old railway path
not scared at all,i enjoyed the moon bath
just came in longing for your reply
went straight to the laptop-the moon knows why
it could be i sense that we both like the same
and i'd really like if you continued the game

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