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It was About

Feeling like we were reborn, lying on the bright playarea at 4 am in the morning

while she was searching for the womb, we were holding each other hands with our heart plugged into the universal socket

the room was melting around us

we asked if we could make love stay

Yes, I sensed, yes, He said

it’s about connection, it’s about evolving and changing and yet keeping in touch with your inner self

Can you make love stay?

Yes we said


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Scrappy London

A romantic afternoon view from Angel Road train station – Only if one can appreciate this can live in London

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it’s not a secret: we are run by oligarchs

Mr Cameron finally got his golden seat. With his humble personal background and family history, I feel relieved and truly represented. Question: what is the ‘conspiracy’ element in the theory that the world is run by a secret society of oligarchs??

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So difficult to be radical

and consistent with your thoughts

when you’ve lived all your life surrounded by hypocrisy

then people don’t recognize you they’d melt you if they could

continuing their lives ignoring any change

walking blinds talking empty

overtaken by their feelings

imperturbably inundate other people’ space

like they got all the rights

‘cos that’s the way things used to be

i am now in despair

feel punche in my stomach

humiliated dismantled

of my strenght of my pride

i feel i lost a war

the enemy doesn’t  even know

the enemy is there

maybe waiting to counter-attack

but i am lost here

no more words, no more tears

if only i could hug

this little heart i am nurturing inside

no way back and no way on

if only my enemy

could wake up tomorrow

and laugh smile change restart

everything would vanish

the world would keep rolling

my baby would keep growing

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A Tale of Eternal Love

The 10th Full Moon after Queen finally found and rejoined with her very much sought after, dreamt of, cherished Nomad, the Universe kindly smiled at the two cheerful lovers deciding to award them with the most precious gift in Its entire domain, the Miracle of Life.

Despite the initial surprise and disbelief, this Beautiful Story was clearly inscribed in the entire surrounding environment, and openly manifest during moments of Cosmic Connection that Queen and Nomad abundantly experienced since the onset of their present physical encountering.

It was during moments of elation that Queen intuited a simple fundamental Truth, that Magic exists, and that’s Nature itself, manifesting in the dynamic Interconnected Cyclical Existence of every being. Yet she would often quickly forget about it, absorbed like any other 1000s individuals into a urban life which makes this very basic reality seem either fool or an entertaining, distracting Myth, to the point of persuading and forcing people to go back to a world of physical and virtual Disconnected Networks, where both men and women and even children mechanically adapt to and power Plastic Lives like batteries to mobile phones.

Now Magic has tangibly shown and touched Queen’s heart first then rapidly flooding towards the rest of her body transforming it into a unique Laboratory where finally and only Science and Religion converge and fuse, overcoming their eternal dichotomy.

And it’s not mystical, it’s not mystery, it’s the Quintessential Reminder that what we see out-there, what we struggle to explain with our erroneously deployed rational capabilities, all that we incessantly construct with our feeble bodies and try to fix into shallow permanent involucres, this very chaotic stinking pale unstable society, which multiplies itself by sucking humans’ lymph and cutting their natural root, can only offer unhappiness, a feeling of rush and pointlessness and a constant fear of termination, derived by its manifest decaying character.

There is a New Life now evolving quickly within Queen, unfolding an extraordinary Tale of Eternal Love to anyone awake and sensitive enough to read and believe in it, abandoning deeply rooted preconceptions and culturally transfused deceptions.

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Storia di ordinaria follia

Andrea dorme di giorno e rimane sveglio la notte a guardare la TV, aspettando un domani di ‘sentirsi’ meglio, riacquistare il controllo sulla sua mente e sul suo sistema nervoso, e rituffarsi in quel lavoro che lo ha sfiancato, riducendolo a vampiro.

Perché lo fai? – gli ho chiesto. “Perché non so che fare durante il giorno”.

È dolce, è aperto, è pieno di iniziative, eppur soffocato dalla nube della noia e dall’impossibilità di comunicare con quel piccolo mondo che lo circonda. Un filosofo incompreso, un filantropo solitario. Snobba il denaro, gioisce (ma di nascosto) delle potenzialità della sua mente e si nutre di quei luoghi della memoria che ha visitato durante la degenza. Si. Gli hanno detto che era malato, da manicomio. Lo hanno rinchiuso lì, lo hanno imbottito di psicofarmaci, drogato e resone dipendente, gli hanno ‘diagnosticato’ il sintomo bipolare – e che è??? Ma che non lo siamo proprio tutti bi o tri o quadru o mille polari????????? – medicine che vogliono ridurlo a monopolo, a che ne so, un essere incapace di agire, apparentemente, se non verso un’unica direzione, quella giusta, stabilita, sistematica.

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Sicily, Sweet Home

my body has been mistreated, insulted, almost beaten up these days, by others and by me first
thankfully my spirit is there stable observing the little play of ordinary people finding excuses while sitting comfortably in this life, binning any idea of change and relativity which might scratch their back and shake otherwise this ultrathin temporary balance on which they all believe they standpupi siciliani

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