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Scrappy London

A romantic afternoon view from Angel Road train station – Only if one can appreciate this can live in London


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one night in stokey

it was flashing blue light
that carried us out of the womb of the mother
but even when shortly out of sight
we could sense the heartbeat of each other

out there uniformed in the colour of the dead
they tried to line straightly our way
we smiled,'cause we were miles ahead
enjoying the momemtum of the new day

the young sun enticed us to explore
beyond the shut sonic playground
and indeed we were up for more
cosmic curiosities to be found

we moved forward and around the bend
following the route of the 73
but couldn't stand the prevailing trend
we were too frank,we were too free

there was the bohemian lifestyle
completely sold out by the young posh
and they had made it pretty worthwhile
to generate heaploads of dosh

"gosh",how we perceived it to be pretentuous
down to the tiniest detail
to make your retail therapy conscious
sucking your money without fail

but we wouldn't really bother
to further analise the kind
we just kept grinning at each other
and went to the Auld Shillelagh for a pint

eventually we all felt wonky
and we handled it full-on
plus we were thankful for that breaky
in fakey Stokey Newington

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Orange “I am” and Unlit? A taste of Neo-hippies urban culture

Over 4 months ago, Orange UK-wide multimedia campaign “I am” created a good deal of buzz within the advertising industry – in part it was criticized for leveraging a growing neo-hippy trend (how sweet is that: “I am who I am because of everyone”), in part for the hazardous move to connect an offline call-to-action to a digital platform (google ‘I am’ to discover more).

As respectable Stokey resident, I pretended to buy into this fantastic hippie appeal, went online, googled “I am”, found out about Jont, the musician with the flower jacket (as he’s slowly branding himself) hosting free gigs at strangers’ homes (Unlit), offered my living room for a performance, then browsed off, forgetting about it. Off sponsored tour, Jont dag out my application. He’s still playing in people’s homes. He needs a place. He called me.

We met at the reformed Fox, in Stokey Church Street.  He’s really neo-hippy: untidy style, skinny look, vintage outfit, very luddite, no cash but lots of peace and love. And yes he’s attractive. And yes talented.

My fellowship didn’t buy into the idea – no cash, no gig. But the show must go on. Jont eventually performed live at a lovely canal-side flat behind Kingsland Road, owned (or inherited) by the son of one of his father’s friends, who for some reasons could not say ‘F**k off’ (although the man tried hard to make some of us feeling somehow ‘sorry’ for dipping a piece of pitta bread into the left-out of a (presumably his) cheap pot of humous…).

And here got some notes of the night – with Jont performing live – bad video quality but good vibe, I really liked this tune

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