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We are!

Apparently – although this week was a rolling coaster. The looming prospect of homelessness didn’t surely help me relaxing and prepare myself to welcome our little creature to the world! Nor (s)he must have felt really inspired to pop out then…. Today some more positive light hopefully affected my inner mind stratus. Again it is commonly understandable that events out-there affect your inner self yet how to avoid or being aware of it immediately is totally another matter far beyond my reach.

this may be my last post as a young free-floating dragonfly…..


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Are we ready now?

It is  now unfolding, under are eyes, beyond our rational understanding.

We stop and look at each other still in disbelief.

We lose ourselves into the memory of our intense yet young past, rise our eyes again and laugh…

We talked to the Universe, we cherished the Moon, we wandered the streets of London floating on coppella and love and tekno and poetry

we dreamt we foolish planned

we played, mostly, pushed it to the extreme, until our life became the game itself

sucked inside

waiting with excitement

reading the rules

are we ready, now?

Are we ready, now?

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