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A Tale of Eternal Love

The 10th Full Moon after Queen finally found and rejoined with her very much sought after, dreamt of, cherished Nomad, the Universe kindly smiled at the two cheerful lovers deciding to award them with the most precious gift in Its entire domain, the Miracle of Life.

Despite the initial surprise and disbelief, this Beautiful Story was clearly inscribed in the entire surrounding environment, and openly manifest during moments of Cosmic Connection that Queen and Nomad abundantly experienced since the onset of their present physical encountering.

It was during moments of elation that Queen intuited a simple fundamental Truth, that Magic exists, and that’s Nature itself, manifesting in the dynamic Interconnected Cyclical Existence of every being. Yet she would often quickly forget about it, absorbed like any other 1000s individuals into a urban life which makes this very basic reality seem either fool or an entertaining, distracting Myth, to the point of persuading and forcing people to go back to a world of physical and virtual Disconnected Networks, where both men and women and even children mechanically adapt to and power Plastic Lives like batteries to mobile phones.

Now Magic has tangibly shown and touched Queen’s heart first then rapidly flooding towards the rest of her body transforming it into a unique Laboratory where finally and only Science and Religion converge and fuse, overcoming their eternal dichotomy.

And it’s not mystical, it’s not mystery, it’s the Quintessential Reminder that what we see out-there, what we struggle to explain with our erroneously deployed rational capabilities, all that we incessantly construct with our feeble bodies and try to fix into shallow permanent involucres, this very chaotic stinking pale unstable society, which multiplies itself by sucking humans’ lymph and cutting their natural root, can only offer unhappiness, a feeling of rush and pointlessness and a constant fear of termination, derived by its manifest decaying character.

There is a New Life now evolving quickly within Queen, unfolding an extraordinary Tale of Eternal Love to anyone awake and sensitive enough to read and believe in it, abandoning deeply rooted preconceptions and culturally transfused deceptions.


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just one desire

I am nobody’s propertynecklace

I am a human being

Got a sudden feeling of restriction

which freaked me out

I have

Just one desire


From the self

From society

From manhood

From tyranny

From power

From slavery, mine and the others’

Just one desire tonight

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Trapped in pretentiousness

Glossy images, chic silky themes,

beautifully crafted magenta slogans.

My mood is uplifted, my ego is boosted

Wanna run out of my flat,

join the group,

own the streets,

march in protest

Then I stop. In flashback.

Advertising is the perfect public sphere for a society geared towards consumption, markets and profit

Sounds like an old academic book

dust off my memory and recall

Marx, Durkheim and many more

Is it my dissent a hollow replication

of spoilt bourgeoisie’s children weeps?

They are trapped while trying to break

the same golden cage

that lock us all to hellfree

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Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt

I am holding on to the mermaids’ chant
while it takes me
closer to the nest
there i can lay down
reinventing my life
through the warmth of your chest

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Nel Tempio

Lui si alza ogni mattina e con passo leggero si avvicina a me.

Il suo corpo voluttuoso mi sfiora e mi fa librare in aria.

Boogie con andatura indifferente gli si accosta

con la coda sfiorandone quasi impercettibilmente le gambe

anche lei assaggiandone il calore e la profonda sensualita’

facendosi avvolgere in una interminabile delicatezza.

Poi prepariamo la colazione –

scandita dal fischio del bollitore

e dal suono irruente del frullatore –

ci sediamo e guardiamo negli occhi

eppur si’ increduli per la meravigliosa avventura

che si sviluppa libera

mentre noi abbandonati alla corrente della vita

ci lasciamo trasportare.

La spaceship che originariamente atterro’ di fronte Salween house

si e’ adesso trasformata in sacro tempio dell’amore.

Incensi profumati, preziosi olii d’oriente e colori pastello

adornano il nostro nido mentre col nostro amore

irroriamo di luce e calore

ogni momento

di questa mistica stagione

della nostra vita.

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You Just Do It

sometimes you think life is heavy.

you see the world out-there staring at you almost

laughing perceiving

your weakness and waiting

for the right moment to jump

on you and make

you feel the

warmth of the ground

like in hot countries rocky beaches

kissed by the sun

one day life poses you a trick – either

you come or

break it.

listen bro, you come you win.

refuse to jump you break it, bro.

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e’ stato come un sogno,

un candido dono caduto dal paradiso di fronte ai suoi piedi

un fiore prezioso e delicato

bisognoso di amore e di attenzione

e di dolcezza e di ammirazione

una pianta

forte eppur fragile

finche’ il casuale destinatario

dimenticandone l’originale caduta

accosto’ il fiore in un angolo buio e remoto

lasciandolo marcire tra polvere ed umido

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